Monday, September 5, 2011

Dreams of my own

On my post number fifty I wanted to do something diferent, to open myself and show who I really am and what I think... So one of my dreams is to write a book, so who knows? maybe this paragragh could be a part of a future best-seller -lol-... Never stop dreaming.

They met more than two decades ago, and before they could even notice they fell in something like ‘love’ –not real love, because it didn’t last-. It was one of these stories when you think he/she is the right one, when in fact, you try so hard to disguise every sense of reason and imperfections. Such a pity and such a disgrace for this generation I am part of. That’s the repulsive truth: no matter how much I push myself to be someone else I still will have to pay for my parents’ mistakes and even more for the ones I -voluntary o involuntarily- did.

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